Editing your blog’s template in blogger

          Now it’s easy to edit html of your blog’s template in blogger. Here in this post i will show you how to do so. Editing or changing your blog’s template is easy as copy and paste. For doing so, First of all, You login to your blogger account. Then you select ‘Design’ tab. Under ‘Design’ tab, you select ‘Edit HTML” option where you can edit or change your template’s HTML. And a very important thing to do before editing your template’s HTML is to backup the HTML of your present template.

          You can save a copy of HTML code of your present template by just clicking on “Download Full Template”. Once backing up is finished, you may edit your template’s HTML. If you want to upload a new template you can do it by chosing the option “Choose File”. After choosing the file to upload, click on “Upload” button. Once uploading is finished successfully, You have done changing the template. If you want to just edit the HTML which is existing you can do it from “Edit Template” field. 

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