How to download facebook videos??

          Now downloading videos from any website is very easy. Downloading video’s from facebook is similar to download video’s form any website. It is possible to download video’s form any website by using a well known software “Real player”. “Orbit downloader” can also be used to download video’s. If you want to download video’s by using real player, You just install real player in your pc. Make sure that you enable the “show download button” in real player settings. So that it shows an option to download video when you are watching in a website.
          You can see the download button like this on top right of the video which you are watching currently…..

          Now it’s possible to download the video by just clicking on that button..

          If you want to download video’s using Orbit downloader, Here is the procedure. First, Install Orbit downloader in your pc before continuing to use it. As the installation completes you can see the Orbit tab in your browser. While watching the video just press “Getit” button to download the video into your pc.
          The “Getit” button appear’s like this…..

          The download start’s when you press the “Getit” button. Enjoy downloading video’s…

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