Monthly Archives: October 2010 Launched a Free SMS Application for iPhone

, The well known and most popular free SMS site has developed it’s own Free SMS Application for iPhone. I think most of you know that the site allows all the user’s to send free SMS across the countries and within the country. However about the site, The Application is similar to their site which allows users to send free SMS even across the countries. The main advantage of using this application is that “we can select contacts form the list which is stored in the moblile”.

          But, At pesent this application works in few countries, namely, U.S, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, Kuwait and Soudi Arabia.

The Second new Feature to protect your Facebook Account

          As i said that “There are two new features to protect your Facebook Account” in a previous post, This is the second new Feature to protect your Facebook account. We call this new Feature as “Remote Logout”. This Feature allows the users to logout their accounts remotely. That is, If any user Logs in from their frineds computer or from an Internet center and forgets to logout, Then Its possible to Logout remotely using this Feature. To Logout Remotely, All you have to do is, Just Login to your Facebook account from your computer and go to “Account Settings”.

          After selecting “Account Settings” You can see a page opened. There in that page go to Account Security” and Click on “Change” which is next to it.

           Here you can see the details of your login with city name and device name. To Logout from any of the devices You just click on “end activity”. Now your account may be safe…

Top 20 Most Common Password’s of All Time

          Imperva, A News site prepared and released a list of 20 Most commonly used Password’s which was picked up from an incident of hacking at About 32 million usernames and passwords were infected in this incident. Imperva advices to use very strong passwords.

These are the Top 20 Most commonly used Password’s:-

  • 123456
  • 12345
  • 123456789
  • Password
  • iloveyou
  • princess
  • rockyou
  • 1234567
  • 12345678
  • abc123
  • Nicole
  • Daniel
  • babygirl
  • monkey
  • Jessica
  • Lovely
  • michael
  • Ashley
  • 654321
  • Qwerty
  •           This site also recommends to use some special charecters in their passwords such as !@#$%&*. It may be very easy to hack your password if they are very weak. So, Be carefull with your passwords…

    Protect your Facebook with Temporary Password Feature

              Facebook, The World’s No.1 social networking site is providing two new features to secure the user’s account’s. The first feature is “Temporary Password”, while the second one is “Remote Logout”. In this post i am going to Explain u about the first feature, That is “Temporary Password” and i will explain about “Remote Logout” feature in the later post’s.

              The “Temporary Password ” feature is one of the best feature’s to protect your Facebook account. This feature allows you to login to your account using a temporary password. Temporary Password is useful whenever you need to login from a friend’s computer or from some internet center’s. To receive Temporary Password you just need to send a text message to 32665 with the text “otp”. The Temporary Password works only for 20 minutes. If you try to login with the same password after 20 minutes, Its shows “Wrong Password” error. So, Even if someone hack’s your password from cache, It wont work’s. You should send message again to receive another Temporary Password. This feature will be available within a few weeks.

    How to create a photo collage?

              Collage is a way to assemble many photos into a single photo. This is a better way to remember memories within a single photo. However, There are many applications to create collage’s. I think Picasa, One of the Google product’s, is the best application out of all to create collage’s.
    Here is the step-by-step procedure of creating collage.
              1. Open Picasa and select “Picture collage” from “create” tab.

              2. After selecting, You can see the window opened as shown in the below screenshot.

              3. In this window, select “clips” tab. There you can see all the images. Now, Just drag and drop the images (which you are going to create collage with) into the right pane.

              4. After draging the images into the panel, Just edit them as you want and save the collage.
              5. Now, you can see the collage saved in the specified folder.

    Amazing and Slim Nokia N8!!!

              The new Nokia N8 is available in the Indian market’s from october 2010 as mentioned in many sites. The phone is going to be the first release from Nokia with a 12MP camera. I think there is no need of talking about the clarity of images captured by it. Since, It has a 12 Mega Pixelled camera, It allows to capture even a High Quality images as well as Video’s. The device is as thinner as 12.9mm. It allows to manage 3 desktop’s at a time. So That, You can access Gadget’s and Application’s directly from the desktop. There is an inbuilt Facebook application which allows to receive message’s, update’s and friend request’s on the home screen.

              The phone is available in 5 different color’s. While coming to the display, It’s a 3.5 inch touch screen. The price of the phone is to be expected to be 375 Euro’s. It has 16GB (expandable upto 32GB microsd) storage and 256MB of RAM. The processor is ARM 11 680 MHz and it has 3D Graphics HW accelerator. There are GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth and USB connectivities available in this phone. For more details you may visit nokia website.

    An iPhone application to know How ugly you are??

              “Ugly Meter”, By listening the name, you may know that it say’s how ugly you are? It’s a fun application which is available at App store for just $0.99. It allows you to take a photo and it analyzes the image and gives the result out of ten. Since this Meter gives score about uglyness, The higher the score, the more ugly is the person in the photo.

              Just have a look at the below Screenshots of the Ugly Meter.

              The Meter Displaying the result with a comment: “You’re so ugly, you could make a glass eye cry”.

              Download the application  from App store for just $0.99 and enjoy testing your uglyness..