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Fun!! – Rotate Your Display To What Ever The Side You Like

          Either you need to rotate your desktop’s screen for fun or you need to rotate it for some purpose, here are the ways which make it possible. I had come across 2 methods to rotate screen. Note that this trick works only on some versions of windows.

           1. Right click on your desktop, and choose “Graphics options” > “Graphic Properties”.
           2. Now you can see a popup window opened and select “Rotation” tab in that window.

           3. Finally, choose the type of rotation you need, apply the changes and you can see your desktop screen rotated.

          1. The second method is by using shortcut keys.
          2. ctrl + alt + right arrow =>  Rotates 90′ clockwise.

          3. ctrl + alt + left arrow => Rotates 90′ anticlockwise.

          4. ctrl + alt + down arrow => Reverse Screen.

          5. ctrl + alt + up arrow => Normal screen.

          Have fun rotating the desktop’s screen…

Samsung Launching It’s New Galaxy Tab Next Week

          The release of new Galaxy tab was announced to be in the next week. This Tab is expected to be a beater of Apple Ipad 2 comparing to its thickness. Actually, This Galaxy  tab 10.1 is thinner than the older version and even thinner than the apple ipad2. The device supports resolution upto 1280*800 and runs on 1GHz Dual-core Processor.

          The processor being dual-core, enables high support for gaming, video playback and multi-tasking. While coming to the display, its 10.1 touch-screen which provides the users a fantastic quality of browsing and multimedia playback.

          For this Galaxy tab, its possible to connect plug and play devices like external drives, joysticks, keyboards, mice and etc, with the help of a USB cable. The main drawback of this tab is that it comes with a 3 mega-pixelled  camera, where as the older one has an 8 mega-pixel camera.

          This device is expected to be available at a price of Rs.29000.

We will be back to you once we hear more about this new device..

HTML – How To Make Round Edged div’s

Hi Folks!!,

          Here is a post about making div’s edge’s into rounded one’s. There are inbuilt libraries in some browsers like IE9 and greater than that which allow us to build very attractive web pages. There is another method of making rounded edged div’s in which edges are managed by inserting images. But using the inbuilt attributes is the easier one to create round edges.
      Let’s have a look at these attributes:
            border-radius:25px; //IE 9
            -webkit-border-radius:25px; //Chrome and safari
            -moz-border-radius:25px; //Mozilla
            -o-border-radius:25px; //Opera
          Above I have mentioned Radius attributes based on the type of browser’s. By applying the above attributes  on a div, Its border radius will be set to 25px.

Here Are The Top 3 Apps For Your Android

          Android market has more than 4,25,000 apps and many of them are available for free of cost. It may be useless to use android without applications. In this blog I have mentioned applications which are standing on the top 3 positions. These three applications are not only on the top most positions, but also very useful for every androider!. I think you may know what they are. However, I would like to say about them:

          1. Google Maps
          2. Advanced Task Killer
          3. Dropbox

1. Google Maps:
          Coming to my view, I would say that this application is a must for every one. Its amazing features allows users a quick navigation. This application is also available for some other platforms like blackberry, iPhone, Palm, nokia symbian S60.

2. Advanced Task Killer:
          Advanced Task Killer is an application which is used to kill the applications running background. This feature makes the phone work faster and end up useless applications.

3. Dropbox:
          Dropbox is also one of the majorly used applications. Dropbox let’s the users bring their photo’s, doc’s and videos anywhere and share them easily. This application is standing on the top 3rd position.

         You can download the above Apps at