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Background Image For Select Box Does’n Work In Google Chrome

Have you tried setting background-image or transparent color for select box in Google chrome 2.0. It doesn’t work since there is a problem with 2.0 version. You can try  out an example here:

iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

          Samsung Galaxy S II wins on iPhone 4S in the Drop Test. Drop Test is actually conducted to check how much capable is the device when they are fallen from a waist high. It is hard to judge because, the phone may fall at different angles. even though it is hard, they can judge for an approximate build quality factor.

How To Shrink, Extend, Delete Volumes On Your Hard Drive

          Here is a tip to Extend, Delete, and shrink the volumes on your Hard drive. You can perform all the above operations on your Storage management menu which is provided on your windows.

  • Click on Start menu and right click on Computer and select Manage option from the drop down menu.

How To Import/Export Bookmarks [Part 3]

          In the recent parts [part 1 & 2], we have seen how to import and export bookmarks in Google chrome and Internet Explorer. This is the last part and let’s see importing and exporting bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox.Exporting Bookmarks:

How To Import/Export Bookmarks [Part 2]

          Now, Let’s see how to manage bookmarks in Internet Explorer. IE provides a wizard to export bookmarks which is user-friendly.

Exporting Bookmarks:
  • Open Internet explorer and click on Favorites. Click on down-arrow which is situated next to Add to Favorites, and select Import and Export.
  • Click on Export to a file and you can see a wizard opened where you can export bookmarks into a HTML file.

How To Import/Export Bookmarks [Part 1]

          Importing and Exporting bookmarks is a good feature to save your favorites and to retrieve them. The import and export facility is available in all most all the major browsers. This facility helps you to move across the browser’s without loosing your favorites. Let’s see how to Import/Export bookmarks on major browser’s.Google Chrome:
     Exporting Bookmarks:

Eyewatch – A Security App For Mobile From Indianeye Security

          The Indian Eye security Pvt. Ltd. has launched a new application called Eyewatch aiming to serve as an emergency system. This application is an emergency alert system which sends multiple messages, images, sounds and your location status to the preferred contacts informing about your emergency. It uses different ways along with GPS to track a person.