Inspect Element In Mozilla Firefox (New)

          After many days, yesterday i used Mozilla Firefox and noticed the new option “Inspect Element” when i right clicked and  tried to open a link in new tab. Recently what i observed is, In the older versions of Firefox you can add the option “inspect element” only by downloading and installing an add-on which is needed to inspect an element. But now in the newer versions its been an inbuilt option where you can right click anywhere on the page and just select “Inspect Element” from the options.However the shortcut key for “Inspect Element” is the letter “Q”. The option in Firefox is Graphically looking good when compared to the same option in Chrome but not sure about the interface because i didn’t spent much time on it.

I think they have made it more user friendly such that a non-technical person can understand how the elements are placed and how they are being manipulated on a webpage.

Will be back with more details about this new option. If you find anything new or interesting, don’t forget to comment to this post.

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