New | Email Input Field In HTML 5

          Here is a good news to the web developers. You need not to use any extra script to validate an email field if you use HTML 5 to build your website. HTML 5 has a new input element whose type is “email”. If you are building a form using HTML 4 or previous version’s, you need to validate an email by using some regular expressions or some other techniques which is not a small deal. The new email field allows user’s to enter email address and if the format is incorrect, it show’s a “wrong format” error message so that user’s can re-enter the email in correct format.
The Syntax:
    <input type=”email” />


The above is the image showing the error message on entering an invalid email. If the given email is correct, the form will be submitted successfully.

Note: HTML 5 is not supported in some of the browser’s.

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