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Mario, Contra, Load Runner, Road Fighter, Adventure Island | Top Games Of Our Childhood

          Yesterday night, I saw a post about the game “Mario” in Facebook and got remembered the sweet moments of my childhood while playing the TV games. Believe me, I searched a lot to find those games which can be played on my desktop running on windows. However, I got those games and successfully running on my pc now. Let me give a short description about each game and link’s to download those games.

Fun with Mario Forever !..

          Almost Every one might have played Mario in their childhood day’s. Even I had fun playing mario in my TV Video Game. Just now i found an extended version of Mario. i.e:- Mario Forever. Actually The game is  amazing. Even we can choose the older version of mario game. Here is a Screen Shot for you.

          In the Mario Forever ! Except the mario all the other character’s were animated different from the old one. You can see the difference in the above Screen Shot. But, There are very less Stages compared to the old one. The game is available in many sites to download. Download and Enjoy playing the game..