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Google chrome speed test with potato gun

        A beta version of google chrome is released. It includes biggest speed improvements and many features. All features of the new chrome beta will be more widely available to all chrome users when they release it in chrome’s stable channel in the comming weeks. So, don’t forget to check back the updates. In the mean time, with the beta’s crazy performence improvements, google designed a series of unconventional speed tests for the browser.

          In the below video, You can have a look at how they designed, built and implemented these speed tests..

          Thats, very interesting. Its is a good news for every one if the browser really works as faster as shown in the video.

How to turn your iPad Into A Laptop??

          Turning your ipad into a laptop is possible with a device called “clamcase”. The clamcase works with bluetooth connectivity. Just place your ipad into the case to get started. It triples as a case, a keyboard and a stand for your ipad. If you type very often on your ipad, the clamcase is a perfect solution for you. This clamcase allows you to watch movies easier without holding your ipad with your hands or prop it up against a support and hoping that it doesn’t fall and break into pieces.

          All over they didn’t released a price for this clamcase. We just wait for the release of clamcase with a cheaper price..

ipad avilable in 9 countries on may 28

          Here is a good news if you are waiting for iPad to arrive your country. Apple today announced that iPad will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK on Friday, May 28. Preorder of iPad will begin on Monday, May 10. Both WiFi and 3G will be available for preorder through Apple’s online store.
To know more about the release of ipad and the price list you can just click the link below.

Nokia launches new mobile X2 @ 5000

          Nokia, The most popular mobile manufacturing company now launches a new mobile named “X2″ with a very cheaper price of 5000 in the indian market. The new X2 has a 2.2” QVGA screen and it weighs only 81 grams only.


          It has dual speakers, music keys, FM, and it supports upto 16gb of storage by adding microSD card. The key features include bluetooth 2.1, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 2.0 and the phone runs on Symbian40 OS.


          Other key featuress include a 5 megapixel camera, video recorder, and instant access to apps from Ovi store.
          The phone is priced at Rs.5000 and is likely to be available from june.

Can we burn a disc with windows??

          The answer is “YES”. You can burn a disc without using any software like burning rom. The windows itself have a inbuilt software to write files into the disc. To write files into a disc what you have to do is:
     1. Insert an empty disc into the drive.
     2. Autoplay will be opened defaultly, else select it by right clicking on the drive.
     3. In autoplay window, select the opton “BURN FILES TO DISC” as shown below.

     4. After selecting the option “burn files to disc”, another window will be opened. Here you can give the disc title and check the button “WITH A CD/DVD PLAYER”. After checking it click on next button.

     5. Now the explorer will be opened where you can drag and drop your files or copy and paste the files into the disc drive.
     6. After copying, the files are ready to write on the disc.
     7. Now click on the “BURN TO DISC” button which is present on the left top of the explorer (tool bar).

     8. You can see another window where you can select the writing speed. Click next after selecting.

     9. Thats it, Now you can see the window showing the process of writing and the time left.

Google introduces image search for mobile

          Google, The well known company, introduces new version of image search for mobile to make the users feel easy whenever they want to view a bunch of images at a time. At present this service is only available for iphone 3.0+ and android 2.1 devices. In future they may introduce the service for other mobiles also.

          By this service you can view the images at a time instead of loading the pages one by one. you can swipe to the next image easily or you can view the images as thumbnails in a single page. To try this new version you just have to go to on your phone and tap on the “image” and continue your search. we wish the introduction of this service to all mobile’s soon….

12 Terrific sites for managing media and sharing files

Hello friends,
          Today i have come across a mail with 12 Terrific sites for managing media and sharing files. Actually the sites are very good and so i am writing the same for you. Just have a look below..

1. More Music, Please

LalaPandora, and SlackerGrooveshark rises to the top of the heap for its slick interface, robust-yet-unobtrusive social features, and excellent smartphone integration.
2. Get Out, Get Noticed
Whether you’re promoting your band’s latest gig, hosting a community crab feed, or just looking for something to do tomorrow night, Eventful‘s location-based listings of concerts, clubs, movies, and events make it easy to find your scene.
3. Snip Any Tune to Ringtone Size
Sure, your smartphone can make a ringtone out of any song in your music library, but will it jump to your favorite line? Nope. CutMP3 lets you upload any song to its music editor and then trim it down to the portion you want for your ringtone. Once you’ve picked your clip, just save the track to your phone and set it as your ringer. Easy-peasy, and totally free.

4. Book Bonanza
audiobook lovers typically pay top dollar for readings of their favorite works. offers a massive library of free audiobooks, ranging from classics to sci-fi to fairly recent fiction.
While the site itself is hideous, the selection of books is immense. Search by author, genre, or title, and download the book as a zipped set of MP3 files or subscribe to its chapters on an iTunes RSS feed.
In addition to the free audiobooks, offers a wide assortment of premium audiobooks for prices starting as low as $7.

5. Prettier Pictures However, if you want to pop open a picture quickly and make changes without having to sign up for an account, check out Citrify.
Citrify’s free, no-hassle photo editor lets you upload an image and start editing immediately. Add cool effects, captions, and adjust your colors, and then click ‘Save’ to put the finished product back on your PC’s hard drive.
6. Easy Movie Editing
What is to pictures, Pixorial is to home movies. You get 10GB of storage space for your video files, and the ability to upload 800MB of AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG, DV, and WMV files at a time.
Once your video is uploaded, you can use Pixorial’s simple online editor to assemble your footage in a storyboard and to merge clips together. You then add some transitions and titles, and choose how you’d like to share the result; you can download the movie as a high-res or low-res file, post it to a social network, or order it on DVD.
7. Super Slideshows
Creating photo slideshows is easy enough with most photo editing apps, but making your slideshows sing takes a lot of work. The Animoto automated slideshow creator turns your photos and videos into stunningly cool slideshows complete with music and impressive transition effects that look professionally made.
You upload your images and video clips, and then upload music or choose from the site’s fairly limited selection of songs. Give your slideshow a title, and a few minutes later you’ll receive an e-mail telling you the show is ready to view. You can share your video on social networks, e-mail the link to your contacts, embed it on a blog, or send it to YouTube. For $5, you can upgrade it to a high-res MP4 that you can take anywhere, or burn it to a DVD.
Animoto’s free slideshows are limited to 30 seconds, but for $3 per slideshow you can create a full-length video worthy of showing at a family gathering, a wedding, or a business conference.
Livecage. This service lets you stream video or audio either publicly or privately, and gives you the embed code you need to add your stream to your own Website, as well as the option of tacking on a PayPal button to raise funds.
Groups and companies can also use Livecage for free videoconferencing; it supports up to ten users at a time.
8. Stream From Anywhere
If you really want to share your life with the world, you want to do it wherever you are. Qik gives you the tools to stream live video straight from your Android handset, iPhone, BlackBerry, or nearly any other smartphone. Your friends and fans can watch your broadcasts live on your own site or on, or they can come back later to watch the recording.
9. A Single Spot for Your Important Stuff
Dropbox you get 2GB of free online storage and a utility that syncs that space with a folder on all your desktop PCs, as well as on your phone. Drop a file in from one machine, and it will update on all the others.
10. Anonymous Sharing
When you need to share a large file, or a collection of files, with someone, you could always use the tried-and-true YouSendIt service. But we prefer for its ability to create anonymous drop boxes of up to 100MB for free, complete with user-defined expiration dates and password protection.
11. A Really Big Drive
Humyo offers 10GB of free online storage. Sweet.
12. Simple Sync and Remote Access
Live Mesh is about the easiest way to keep your important files in sync. Offering 5GB of free storage, Live Mesh lets you create synced folders that you can access from any connected PC or via a Web interface. You can also share those folders with friends.
What separates Live Mesh from simpler services like Dropbox is its ability to remotely access your other PCs via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop service, as if you were sitting in front of them. Install Live Mesh on each PC you’d like to access, and then leave the systems on to keep them available. When the computers are turned off, their synced files and folders remain available through the Web-based Live Desktop.

Nasa is celebrating 20th anniversary of hubble telescope

          Nasa, National Aeronautics and Space Administration: an independent agency of the United States government responsible for aviation and spaceflight celebrates 20th anniversary of hubble telescope today. Age of the universe, The discovery of dark energy, Hubble telescope explores the cosmos since eight years.

          Hubble telescope is  a cornerstone in the understanding of exoplanets. Hubble telescope is part of a whole, but it is true instrumentation including spectroscope has provided us with unique information and nasa is very happy to celebrate 20th anniversary of HUBBLE TELESCOPE.

          If you are interested to know much about the HUBBLE telescope you can visit the page addressed below.

Google GPS navigation

          Google GPS navigation devices are entering into the market soon. The extrordinary features in it makes you to find or reach your destination exactly. It also provides the traffic information in a particular road such that we can choose another way with the help of the device. The below image is a snapshot of the google GPS naviagtor

          Just watch the below video and know how easy to navigate to a place using google GPS navigator.

Login to the blocked sites using proxy sites

          There are restricted platforms where you can`t access sites like orkut, twitter, facebook…..etc and other sites. You people may be eager to know how to open the blocked sites. Yes, as usually there is a way to open such sites, the way is by using PROXY which was provided by many sites.Actually a proxy site works as an intermediate between the users and server and thus we are able to open the blocked sites. You can understand the working of a proxy by the picture shown below.

Here i have mentioned some of the proxy sites…

For more proxies you can visit the site addressed below…

Enjoy using proxy from today at the place where ever you want.

iphone os 4 event on april 8th!!!!

          Yes folks — the world is turning upside down. Apple has announced an iPhone OS 4 event on April 8that 10AM PT for a “sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software.” So if you’re wondering about the future of the platform… your answers will appear sooner than you think.

                   The team collectively dropped an “OMG” when we saw this news, as it’s pretty unusual to see such a big event coming from Apple right on the heels of something like the iPad launch.

                   Just have a visit on new apple desktop which was released with an upgraded os……..

Have you heard about “google student blog”

         Here is a good blog for students by google. Actually this is a very interesting blog. They have provided much information inside it. They also have a students channel on youtube. They are providing the news and the updates of google especially for students in their “STUDENT BLOG”. To have a visit just click on the image (link) below.

You can watch the video of an interview at google below. Actually the video is very interesting… must watch it….