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Kindle wireless reading device

Here is a good news to the book readers. Amazon releases a wireless reading device named kindle readind device. There are two models with different specifications. One released with 6″ display while another one is with 9.6″. As usual the dimensions and the storage are also differ between the two devices. You can see the device in the below video.

For more information about the device and to buy it from amazon, you can visit the page:
amazon kindle reader

Google updates blogger with new templates

Here at Google we love blogging, and we do a lot of it since we manage dozens of official Google blogs across products, regions, and audiences – like students!

For this reason, we’re very excited about the launch of the Blogger Template Designer. Now you can design and really customize your blog, making it even easier to express yourself online. With the Blogger Template Designer you’ll find new professional templates, custom blog layouts, background images, and customizable colors and fonts. Check out this video for a quick peak at what you can do:

To apply new template to your blog or to have a visit just go to