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Calls From India to US/Canada are Free till the End of 2010 in Gmail

          This is a Surprising Feature in Gmail. Calling US/Canada from India is Free, “It’s Really Awesome”. This service is free till the end of this year, i.e:- 2010. After the end of this year, Calls will be charged based on the normal call rate’s.

          Watch the funny video of Google Voice below.

          The Below is the Screen shot of call rates for different countries as listed on Google.

          Enjoy Free calling to US/Canada till the end of 2010…

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Hit 13 million Downloads in Two Months

          The Release of Internet Explorer is just before Two Months.The Great thing is that It hit 13 million downloads within these Two months and even counting…. Out of their Calculations It is responsible for the largest Beta testing program in the history of Microsoft. Internet Explorer 9 got 13 millions while Mozilla is lokking for just about 2 million testers for their Beta which is the major version of its open source browser.

          You can download Internet Explorer 9 Beta form the trusted site Microsoft. Here is your Microsoft website’s link where you can download:

          Download and Enjoy browsing with the new features provided in the Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Google TV – A new TV introduced by Google

        Google, The most popular and well known company released another new product “Google TV” into the market. The TV includes great features like Search, Browse, Applications, Dual view and many more… The TV comes in two types, One is TV included with all the features in it and the second one is a Blu-Ray disc reader which has all the above features installed in it. The Company “Sony” made the TV and the “Google” installed features in it. See “What is Google TV” in the below video.

          We can Buy the whole TV if we need TV and if we already own  a TV, We can buy only upto Blue-Ray disc reader which includes the features of Google TV in it.

How to add Email Subscription Box to your Blog

          Out of my whole experience, I found Feedburner to be a good one. Even, I use feedburner’s feed to publish my Blog post’s. Ok, Now I am going to teach you “How to add Feedburner’s Email subscription’s to your Blog”.

          1. The First step you need to do before you can add Email Subscription’s to your Blog is to create an account in feedburner.
          2. After creating your account in feedburner, go to your Dashboard and Select “Publicize” Tab.

          3. There in “Publicize” tab, Select “Email Subscriptions” link and now you are at the right place to add Email Subscription box to your Blog.
          4. Click on “Activate” to Activate Email Subscription option to your Blog.

          4. Now, Select “Blogger” from the drop down box and Click on “Go”.

          5. In the upcoming window you can Select your Blog and add “Email Subscription box” as a Widget.
          6. Now, It’s possible to the user’s to Subscribe to your Blog by entering their Email address in the Email Subscription box

Facebook-expexted to launch Gmail killer

          Facebook, The well known and most popular social networking site is expected to launch its own messaging system which is going to be a great challenge for the other messaging systems which are plying a major role in the market like AOL, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and even including Gmail. This Gaint network with more than 500 million users worldwide is expected to achieve good results after the release of this messaging system. After launching this system it is going to announce its own e-mail address. i.e:-

         Now , It’s possible to contact one another in facebook not only by writing on their walls, But also through the facebook’s internal messaging service. Let’s wait and say advanced thanks to facebook for providing this facility.

Today’s Google’s Doodle (13-NOV-2010): Robert Louis Stevenson’s 160th Birthday

          As you know about the Google’s Doodle, Today’s Doodle is about the “Robert Louis Stevenson’s 160th Birthday. While searching about “Robert Louis Stevenson it was stated on Wikipedia that

          “Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894) was a Scottishnovelist, poet, essayist and travel writer. His best-known books include Treasure Island,Kidnapped, and the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Stevenson has been greatly admired by many authors, including Jorge Luis BorgesErnest HemingwayRudyard KiplingMarcel SchwobVladimir Nabokov,[1] J. M. Barrie,[2] and G.K. Chesterton, who said of him that he “seemed to pick the right word up on the point of his pen, like a man playing spillikins.”[3]“.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

          For more information about him, just visit the page on Wikipedia:

Copy File’s form Multiple folder’s Simultaneously

          Copying Files from Multiple folder’s is a Better way which make’s Selecting files and pasting into a destination folder Faster and Easier. This process of Copying files from Multiple folder’s Simultaneously is not possible only with windows, But, It is possible by downloading and installing a small tool called “Copywhiz” which enables Copying of files from Multiple Folder’s Simultaneously. For example, Let us, Assume that you need to copy two folder’s E:/songs and F:/movies into a single Folder D:/mix. In case of normal copying you need to perform “Copy and paste” operation twice. Once, from E:/songs to D:mix and
the second time from F:/movies to D:/mix. But, You can perform all the above process within a single copy and paste operation by using the tool “Copywhiz”. To do this, Just go to the file which you want to copy and right click on it and Select “Copy” from the “Copywhiz” list as shown in the below screen shot. Similarly, Do the same process for the second file and we have finished Copying the Items which we want. Now we need to paste them into the destination folder.

          Even pasting is similar to the Copying operation. For pasting these files, Just Right click on the
destination folder and Select “Paste” instead of  “Copy” option from the “Copywhiz” listas shown in the below screen shot. 
          That’s It, Now you may see the files copied into the destination folder.

Google’s Doodle on 08-NOV-2010 (115th Anniversary of the Discovery of X-rays)

          The Logo on Google’s home page is changed as the Hour’s hand hit 12.00 in the clock. That’s Google’s Doodle. Today’s Google’s Doodle is about “115th Anniversary of the Discovery of X-rays”. These Doodle’s are not only Attractive, But Educative as well. Today’s Doodle is dedicated to X-rays Birth.

          Majority of the people might have used X-rays for different purpose’s. But, No one know the “X-rays” Birth day. It’s a great thing to make Million’s of people know about this with the Google’s Doodle.

An Utility to compare Files, Directories, and more..

          When ever you want to compare two files manually whether they are same, It may be very difficult to do so. If you are searching for an utility which compare’s Files, Directories etc.., This is the right place to find one. Yes, In this post I have written about an utility which allows user’s to compare Files and Directories. The Utility is “Beyond Compare”. This Utility not only allows user’s to compare Files and Directories, But also allows to compare FTP directories and Archives. This Utility was awarded four out of five stars by CNET in a review which was conducted in April 2009. You can compare two files or directories side by side by just adding them into the panel which is provided by the software. After comparison, you can add or delete files from any of them easily if you need.

          The Utility “Beyond Compare” after installation appears as shown in the below screenshot.

Boot your computer fast by removing Startup items

          You may be suffering with your computers slow Boot up. It’s Just because of all the stuff starting in Boot up. You can increase your computers Boot up speed by Just disabling the unnecessary Application’s from the Startup items. If you don’t know how to disable the startup items, Just follow the Steps.

          1. Open “Control Panel” and Select “Administrative Tools”. You can find it by changing the View to “Small icons or Large icons”.

          2. In the opened window, Select “System Configuration”.

          3. Now, You can see the system configuration window opened. In this window, Click on “Startup” tab where you can Disable the unnecessary Startup program’s.

          4. After disabling them, You may have to restart your computer to effect the changes.

You can find your computer’s Boot up speed increased now…