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How To Track Your Stolen Laptop?

Lost Your Laptop?
          If  “Yes”, You are at the right place to know “How to Track your Stolen Laptop”. Just don’t give up your self if your Laptop is stolen by someone. The company “Quick Heal” is allowing User’s to find their lost laptop’s. That’s all possible with a submission of a form with all the personal and laptop detail’s.

 is the site where you need to submit all your detail’s and the site is launched by “Quick Heal”. It’s possible to track the laptop’s win which Quick Heal protection is installed and can track not
installed one’s even. They track the laptop’s using the MAC address of the computer’s when you provide them at the time of submitting details in their site (i.e:- They Track your laptop mainly by using MAC address. If you don’t know what’s MAC address, You can see my recent post on “What is MAC address of a computer and How to Find it on Windows?

Feel Dare To Loose A Laptop Even…

What is MAC address of a computer and How to Find it on Windows?

          The MAC address (Media Access Control Address) is a Unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on physical network segment. This address is used for most IEEE 802 network technologies including Ethernet and for numerous network technologies, and also they are used in the Media Access Control protocol sub-layer of the OSI reference model.

How to Find Mac Address?
          Here are the steps to find MAC Address of your computer.

     Step1: Click on “Start” menu and Select “Run”.

     Step 2: Type ‘cmd’ without quotes and press Enter.

     Step 3: You can see the Command Prompt opened. There Type ‘ipconfig /all’ without quotes. Don’t forget to leave a blank space between ‘ipconfig’ and ‘/all’.

     Step 4: Now, You can see MAC address of your computer as shown in the below screenshot.

Create an Invisible Folder in Windows.. Funny!!

          Fool your Friend’s by Creating Invisible Folder without using “Hide” option. Yes, It’s possible to create an Invisible Folder without using “Hide” option. Here are the steps to create an Invisible Folder.

          1. First, Create a New Folder, and Select Rename option.

          2. In this step you need to name that folder with an Invisible Name. Already you have selected rename option. Now, Hold down “Alt” key and press 9 nine times. You cannot rename it with invisible name, Unless You use 9 key from Numpad.

          3. The folder’s name is Invisible and we need to make the folder Invisible now. We can make it by, choosing an empty folder icon

          4. Go to the folder properties and Select “customize” Tab, and click on “Change Icon”. In the upcoming window Select Empty space as Icon.

          5. You have finished doing your job. Now, You can see the folder hidden.

Enjoy the Hack…

How to make Two or More Videos Play Side By Side Simultaneously

                At Certain times, You may need to merge two or more videos into a single video file and play them side by side at a time. It can be done either by using some software or by writing some code in Notepad. I have searched a lot and came to know that its easy by using Code Method.

What is Playing Videos side by side?
          You can understand it by seeing the Screenshot below.

What do you need to do this?
          You need some software to do this.
                    1. Player whichh supports Script. (Ex:- GOM Player)
                    2. AviSynth 2.5.8 (You can Download Here.)

          If you are working in windows 7 you need an extra codec.
                    3. Mp43 (You can Download Here.)

How To Install Mp43 Codec?
          Download and unzip the files first. Then Right Click on “MPG4VKI” file and select install from there. It will be installed within seconds.

How To Do?
          1. First, Install AviSynth 2.5.8 and Mp43 (If you are working in windows 7).
          2. Open Notepad and paste the below code into it.

Note:  #Give the file path’s correctly. The above given paths are taken only for example.
           #Only Avi files can be played. So, You Better convert files into “Mpeg4 Avi” using Total Video Converter.
          #The Above code consists of some color’s.
                 RED: Path of Video file 1.
                 GREEN: Path of Video file 2.
                 YELLOW: Path of Video file 3.
                 PINK: Path of Video file 4.

          3. Edit the Path’s and Save the file with .avs Extension.
          4. Now, Drag and Drop this file onto the GOM Player.
          5. You can see 4 videos Playing side by side.

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How to Choose a Strong Password

          The users may be signing in many websites for different purposes. When signing up with a website, You may be asked to choose a password. Like this, you have to choose a password and remember it for all the websites which is necessary to log in. Creating a same Password for all the websites is not recommended and it will be very easy to hack your Password. But, It will be difficult to create a Unique Password for different websites and remember it. Here are the simple steps to choose a Strong & Unique Passwords which are very easy to remember.

          1. Pick a Phrase and Use first letter of each word in the Phrase.
          2. Add some special character’s to the achieved word.
          3. Customize this word by adding prefix or suffix made form the name of the website.

          Now, your Unique and Strong Password for different websites is Ready.