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Facebook Ends By March 15th (Best Rumour of the Year 2011)

Facebook, The leading social networking site’s is gonna Shutdown by 15th March!!

          This News had become popular among the browser’s which has been proved that it’s a big Rumour. Firstly, The news about shutting down facebook is published in Actually, The matter is that, is publishing rumour news, through which, They got a sudden and huge traffic to their site. It’s not new to this site publishing rumour’s and
increasing their traffic. “Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011” and “Megan Fox Is a Man” are some of their rumours which led them in receiving huge traffic to the source site. So, Dear friend’s Please be aware of these rumours. And at last, It’s quite false that Facebook is shutting by march 15th. Here is a link of site which has proved that this news is false. please check it out.
          Let’s Persist in our Facebook’s….

Transcend 8GB USB 3.0 Available at Rs.1300

          Transcend, The Storage and Multimedia manufacturer has announced the launch of JetFlash 700 USB 3.0 Flash Drives. This new drives are available in different memory sizes. Even the price value is greater than USB 2.0, They are available at a reasonable prices. 8GB USB 3.0 is available at Rs.1300, 16GB USB 3.0 is available at Rs.2000 and 32GB USB 3.0 is available at Rs.5600. These devices allows Data transfer at lightning speed.

          The Devices comes with lifetime warranty and offers optimised interface speeds up to 10X faster than the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specification.

New Range Of Processors From Intel

        Intel Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and now Again a new Range of Processor’s. Intel, The Great and Global Chip Manufacturer announced the release of new range of Processor’s. These Processor’s are going to deliver a high quality Audio-Video capabilities and  even with faster computing speed. The Companies like HCL, Wipro, HP, Dell and some other’s are expected to release about 500 new models in the coming month as soon as they hear about the new processor’s release.

          “These new Chipsets are available at 20% greater than the price of old one’s” Said by “R SivaKumar” who is Intel’s South Asia Managing Director. He even said to the Reporter’s that “They already started shipping the new processor’s to all leading OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s)”.

          HCL is going to launch the device’s with these new processor’s by the end of this month while Dell launches it’s devices by april.

          Mainly, The Gamer’s and Animation artist’s need to install additional Graphic card’s to find Better and Increased performance. These new processor’s also include Intel Quick Sync Video, HD (High Definition) Graphics and Wireless Display 2.0. Finally he also said that User’s can observe an increased Battery life which are working on these new processor’s.