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Top 3 Alternatives For Apple Ipad

Are you Stick to Apple ipad? If so, just take a look at the Top 3 alternatives for apple ipad.

          1. Archos 9 Pc Tablet
          2. Compal Tablet
          3. Dell Mini 5

1.Archos 9 Pc Tablet:
          Archos stands at the peak position among the ipad killer’s. This Company has become a major player
in the market. This device is the companies largest tablet device. It is gracefull at looks and is available at an awesome price of  $549 and above.

               processor   : Intel Atom z510 1.1 GHz
               Ram             : 1 GB
               Hard disk    : available with 80GB and 160GB
               Screen-size : 9-Inch touch screen

          It runs on windows 7 and supports video playback at full HD. Two slim leg-stands allows the device to stand without holding it all the way.
An inbuilt webcam which is compatible with flash technology allows to make Skype calls and video conference calls easy.

2. Compal Tablet:
          The Compal device is manufactured by the same company “Compal” and its working is shown off at CES 2010

               Processor          : Tegra 2 (built in ARM cortex A9)
               Video Playback  : 1080px
               Battery Backup  : 140hrs of audio & 16hrs of HD Video playback
               Screen-Size         : 7-Inch & 10.1 Inch

          This device runs on Android platform, and also have many features like Bluetooth, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and inbuilt 1-Watt Stereo speaker’s. All these features are available at a price of  $499.

3. Dell Mini 5:
          The Top 3 device is Dell Mini 5 which was manufactured by the well known company DELL. As expected, it has met with all the requirements. Let’s take a look at it’s Specification’s.

               Processor  : 1 GHz Snapdragon
               Screen-size : 5-Inch Touch screen
               Price            : $1100

          Unexpectedly, The device is available at a very high price as mentioned. However, The device runs on Android and it has some other features like 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.. This device has an extra feature of using it as a mobile provided with a sim slot.

          Begin choosing your best alternative now…

Mozilla Browser Upgraded To Firefox 4 – Beta 11

          Firefox 4, The Firefox browser is upgraded to firefox 4 – beta 11, which was released in this month (i.e: February 2011) and with many extended features.

Some of the main feature’s are:

          1. The Fonts seem to be clearer than they appear in the older browser.
          2. When you right click on a link, you can observe the changed positions of “Open in new tab” and
“Open in new window”. This seems to be pretty good to open links in new tabs instead of opening them in new window.
          3. In the recent version of browser’s, add-ons are opened in a new popup window. But, now it is good to see the add-ons opened in a new tab. The way how the add-ons appear is changed where as the downloads appear same as the recent browser. It looks good if the downloads open in a new tab.
          4. One more extension that attracts the user’s is that “When we hover on any link, the preview is shown in the address bar.