Monthly Archives: November 2011

Auto Expo – Chennai (21-oct-2011)

          This is the video of auto expo which was conducted in chennai on 22-oct-2011. There were many cars, bikes and some other accessories related to automobiles. That was a nice show and they provided a lot of details about many companies of car’s.

          I have covered some of the bikes and cars in this video. See and enjoy it…

Windows 8 booting in seconds

          Last night i installed windows 8 on my system and i was shocked to see it starting up in seconds. The graphical interface is ultimate which gave me an excellent experience while using it. It’s some what tough to explain with words, i have recorded a video of it and it is here for you.

          The start menu was fully changed and in the explorer they have provided a ribbon on the top which consists of options like copy, paste and many more. This options in the ribbon allows a faster access. and one more thing i observed is “you can pause and resume while copying files”. What not?? everything is integrated in windows 8 and they are still working on it to provide even more features.

          Download windows 8 from this link:

          If you have any problems with installation, feel free to mail me or comment to this post. I will try to give you a solution.