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Inspect Element In Mozilla Firefox (New)

          After many days, yesterday i used Mozilla Firefox and noticed the new option “Inspect Element” when i right clicked and  tried to open a link in new tab. Recently what i observed is, In the older versions of Firefox you can add the option “inspect element” only by downloading and installing an add-on which is needed to inspect an element. But now in the newer versions its been an inbuilt option where you can right click anywhere on the page and just select “Inspect Element” from the options. Continue reading

Update Your Facebook Status From Siri

          The process you need to do is very less to update your Facebook’s status from Siri. All you need to do is getting your personal email id to upload via email and saving it in your contacts. The steps to follow are given in detail below.

  • Go to Facebook and login to your account in which status is needed to be updated. To get your personal email id you need to visit “”. Continue reading

How To Read URL Parameters Using JavaScript

          Reading URL parameters using JavaScript is not as easy as using simple syntax in PHP or in some other server side scripting languages. We need to read the URL, Save it in a variable and further process is required to get parameters from the URL.          First, we need to get the current browser location which is the required URL.

window.location.href Continue reading

Gold Wave | Better Tool To Edit Audio Files

          You are at the right place if you are searching for a tool to edit audio files. Installing, Editing Saving becomes easier if you are a user of GoldWave editor. GoldWave is a better audio editing platform which provides a different type’s of tools to edit. It also provides a recording option where you can record your own voice and use it for editing.
Continue reading

JavaScript | Get The Position Of Character In A String

          We are going to use “string.indexOf()” method to get the position of a character in the given string. The above syntax can also be used to check whether a character is present in the given string. The “string.indexOf()” method return’s the position f the first matching character. If the character is not found in the given string, it returns “-1” and thus we can use this syntax to check whether a character is present in the given string. Let’s move on to the function. Continue reading

Display Adsense Inside The Posts On Blogger

          Google Adsense is the better way to make huge revenue by displaying Ads on your blog. Placing Ads on different positions produces different amounts of revenue. Ad placing is an important role in improving your revenue. According to my experience, The Ad unit which was placed inside the post body (i.e: In between the post header and post body) makes a decent income than other Ad unit’s. The problem is that Ads should be displayed only when a single post is opened, but not on the home page. To Display Ads inside the post, Please follow some simple steps: Continue reading

How To Change Router’s Wi-Fi Connectivity Password

          Wi-Fi router’s comes along with an interface where we can change settings and configure your new router to a connection. They allow user’s to connect to them through a secured password called as authentication key. There are many authentication type’s like WEP-64Bits, WEP-128Bits, WPA-PSK, and some other and even you can choose no authentication i.e: No password is required to connect to a Wi-Fi router and However its not secured to use no authentication Continue reading

How To Add Facebook Like Box To Your Blog Or Website

          Facebook’s Like box is a plugin which allows user’s to like a page directly from the website or blog which they have visited. At the same time it also helps the owner’s of the website’s to attract and get more visitor’s to their blog or website. It enables user’s to like the page with a single click without visiting the respective page on Facebook. The disadvantage is that they have provided only two color schemes “light and dark”.

Here are some simple steps to add Like box to your website or blog: Continue reading