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How Auto Rotation On Mobile’s Work? || The Concept Of Accelerometer

          Accelerometer, The electronic component which measures tilt and motion is used in mobile’s to detect the rotation. The Accelerometer is also capable to detect gestures like shaking and swinging. Let me explain you the basic concept behind working of an Accelerometer.
          Imagine a “Box” in the shape of “Cube” and a ball inside it (See the below image to get an idea). If this arrangement is taken to zero gravitational force condition Continue reading

Mario, Contra, Load Runner, Road Fighter, Adventure Island | Top Games Of Our Childhood

          Yesterday night, I saw a post about the game “Mario” in Facebook and got remembered the sweet moments of my childhood while playing the TV games. Believe me, I searched a lot to find those games which can be played on my desktop running on windows. However, I got those games and successfully running on my pc now. Let me give a short description about each game and link’s to download those games. Continue reading